How to Appeal

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How to Appeal

Post by Bobby on Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:12 pm

As per Law 3 from the Charter anyone may appeal for themselves or on behalf of others for any action taken against them, this is how you may use this board to do so:

First fully explain the situation, what you are appealing, and who you believe is guilty.

If you don't know who may be guilty you may omit that.

Please provide all the evidence available to you to prove your case.

Please do not make multiple threads about the same issue.

Once the initial review has been done, The reviewer will provide his ruling along with the reasoning for doing so, and all actions taken into looking into the appeal.

If you believe this ruling was wrong you may respond with further information, after which the reviewer will again provide the ruling as before, this may continue as long as new information is needed to be reviewed.

Once the issue is resolved the thread will be locked.

If the thread is locked and new information comes to light you may make another thread reopening the issue, but the new information must be highlighted.


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