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Our Charter

Post by Bobby on Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:59 pm

We are The Union of Chiefs, that includes you. It is my belief that every member should have a say in how they are lead, for this, and to keep those leaders in check, we have the following Charter.

This Charter outlines the rights, responsibilities & guidelines of this clan's members and ranking people.

The Charter is hosted on a Google Documents page & you can view or download it from there or read it below.

The official Charter of the Union of Chiefs

The official Charter of the
Union of Chiefs

This clan stands as an experiment in democracy for Clash of Clans, its rules are defined as follows,

Section 1 – Ranks & Powers
The full power of the clan shall be vested in two Co-Leaders who will be voted on by the people of the clan every month on the 8th, they must have been promoted to the rank of Elder before being eligible for the rank of Co-Leader. The two elders that receive the most votes will be promoted. Current Co-Leaders & Leaders will have no votes in this election.

The votes will be sent to the Leader’s private inbox on the forums and the results will be announced by the Leader in a post. In the event of a tie the Leader will cast the deciding vote.

Co-Leaders have full power to run the wars and operations of the clan as they see fit as long as they do not undermine the laws also listed here.

The Leader of the clan shall only serve to keep checks and balances to the Co-Leader and other members of the clan and to provide emergency power to supersede the other ranking people.

Section 2 – Laws
1.   All people in the Union of Chiefs are given the inalienable right of free speech & no action may be taken against them for exercising this right.

2.   Co-Leaders may not promote any person to Co-Leader.

3.   Any person may appeal any action taken against them on the official forums, regardless of reason.

This is the bedrock on which this clan is built.

This Charter is subject to edits as time goes on, remember this is an experiment, one by which everyone is involved.

With that being said it is important for everyone to remember, The Co-Leaders, whoever that person may be, is given full control over the clan & its operations(with limits as described) this means that the clan description and settings will most likely be subject to change with every newly elected Co-Leaders.

If you feel anyone (even the Co-Leaders) has mistreated you or is acting outside the bounds of his power, I encourage you to make an official appeal in the appeal section, if you have evidence to support your claims any and all actions are subject to reversal even so far as the immediate impeachment of the Co-Leader.

Finally, if you have a suggestion as to the edits which should be made to our Charter, then I implore you to make a thread about it in the Community Discussion section.

Charter has been updated as of 12/18/2016 to allow for two Co-Leaders and more specifications which were previously left too vague.


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